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cult of self magazine

issue #5

Veröffentlicht am in "Andere, Stadt", Sprache — English. 50 Seiten.
Cult of Self Issue 05

#YourINK Winner---Sophie Thouvenin: Brazen Beauty---20sk8: Skateboarding Against Gangsterism & Crime---Burning through Shorelines---Sandrine Pagnoux’s Portraits of Duality Mehr anzeigen
Cult of Self is a celebration of individuality and authenticity. Focussing on various street sub-cultures, Cult of Self is an ongoing activation that aims to cultivate conversation around the idea of ‘self’ and promote the individuals, groups and initiatives that encourage self-awareness. Tattoos, Street-culture, skateboarding, Cafe-racers, fixies, bicycles , boards and more... Mehr anzeigen
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Tags: photography · culture · art · tattoos · street · skate · bikes

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