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Current Pedorthics

| May-June 2017 | Vol.49, Issue 3

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SPORTS ISSUE: 1. Preferred Movement Pathway: A Balancing Act; A Look into How Proper Shoes and Orthotics Really Effect Athletic Performance - By Von M. Homer, M.Sc, BOCPD, PhD-c. 2. Orthotics and Rehabilitative Exercise in the Prevention of Lower Limb Injury - By Jackson McCosker, BHSc, MPodPrac. 3. Cycling and Pedorthics - By Stephen A. McDonald C.Ped. 4. Mindfulness from Head to Toe - By Tara A. Mina, C.Ped, RYT. 5. Cuboid Syndrome (CEU ARTICLE) - By Dr. Martin Hoffmeister, DPM Mehr anzeigen
Current Pedorthics magazine, the official bimonthly digital publication of the Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), is the only professional publication solely dedicated to the allied health care field of pedorthics. Coverage includes practical analysis of relevant medical literature; evidence-based device utilization and other treatment techniques; cutting-edge clinical and industry news; and practice management, marketing tips and business strategy. Mehr anzeigen

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