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CyberScape Africa Magazine

Q2 2019

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This issue of the Cyber Scape Africa Magazine gathers diverse African voices in cybersecurity to a range of topics from issues that concern public sector cybersecurity, data analytics to virtual terrorism - of course plus many things in-between. Hear from valuable voices in cybersecurity and data privacy in Africa - via the (new) Voice of Africa's Cybersecurity, Cyber In Africa. Mehr anzeigen
People are talking about cybersecurity in Africa. Of what's happening. Of a nascent industry. Of the new next frontier. The CyberScape Africa magazine brings these talks in print, every quarter, from pros in cybersecurity, data privacy and related topics in Africa. It explores the cybersecurity landscape and eco-system in Africa and relays perspectives, insights, knowledge, facts and other industry and subject matter information. Mehr anzeigen
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