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November 2016

Veröffentlicht am in "Business", Sprache — English. 46 Seiten.
Special Feature: Security Tom Rowley of Savvius discusses the role post-breach forensics can play in regaining the upper hand against cyber criminals Kasey Cross of LightCyber explores the different ways to win the war on cybercrime Rob Cooper of IO UK highlights the importance of securing the data centre in a digital age Greg McCulloch of Aegis Data asks whether the data centre is a hacker’s early Christmas gift Mehr anzeigen
Special Feature: Green IT Gary Watson of Nexsan explores how IT professionals can save power and costs through the use of green IT, without limiting performance Jorge Balcells of Verne Global explores the optimal locations for providing abundant renewable energy resources, and whether green resources are actually always truly green Marc Naese of Panduit outlines some best practices to consider for maximising the energy efficiency of a data centre Mehr anzeigen
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