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Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine

Issue 11 | March 2017

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Looking for love? Have a desire to experience the kind only you can give yourself? You'll find it on the pages of this month’s issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. From getting support to following through on personal promises, to putting yourself first, to allowing love to flow internally. In my conversation with Natasha Botkin, we explore the essence of self-love, and allowing ourselves to honor and respect all aspects of who we are. This is the most powerful self-love issue yet! Mehr anzeigen
Wellness goes beyond the food we nourish our precious bodies with; it is the relationships we maintain, how we earn an income, our spiritual practices, and body movement. Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine offers a unique collaboration of nonfiction professional insights, personal stories of transformation, pearls of wisdom, delicious recipes and more to live life in motion. Mehr anzeigen

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