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Fete Lifestyle Magazine

May 2019 - Inspiring Women and Moms

Veröffentlicht am in "Völker & Kultur, Lifestyle", Sprache — English. 56 Seiten.
Our inspirational women and mom issue features Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's newest and first black female and openly gay mayor. Check out other stories about being a mom with a newborn and trying to determine how to meet motherhood expectations. Read a feel good story with a 23andMe happy ending, and get beauty and makeup tips from our experts. Feel inspired to embrace your true self through a self portrait. Mehr anzeigen
Fete Lifestyle Magazine features a global view on food, fashion, beauty, sports, personalities, events, travel and entertainment. We aim to provide our readers with relevant information on all cultural levels that resonates and inspires. The Fete Lifestyle is characterized as innovative, creative, flexible and informative. Mehr anzeigen
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