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Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Magazine

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Analogue images from Gallery259 in New Zealand. Silver gelatin paper negative images from various cameras and formats. 35mm - 8x 10 & pinhole) Gallery259 exists as a pocket of resistance to a totally digital world, yet uses digital Da Vinci in a gentle way. If you enjoy emulsion based photography, you may enjoy this mag. Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag, is simply about the joy of sharing images and maybe going against the flow as many people are around the world. Mehr anzeigen
A mag. dedicated to analogue based photography. Gallery259 is in New Zealand and the passionate embrace of Graham Hughes. Captured by the beauty of emulsions, the old ways and processes, Gallery259 is the process of morphing into a mobile before 2020. The Analogue Resistance is not about being anti digital, or arguments about winners in the digital vs analogue debate. The Analogue Resistance Mag. is about remembering our photographic roots and their beauty. I hope you enjoy the read. Mehr anzeigen

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