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Gas Unleaded Verbal Libations

Volume 2

Veröffentlicht am in "Literatur, Literatur", Sprache — English. 38 Seiten.
Gas Unleaded Verbal Libations a magazine for lovers of poetry, erotic short stories, spoken word, verbal and stimulating tongue. We welcome you to enjoy the fun. Come on kiss the gun.. Mehr anzeigen
Gas Unleaded Verbal Libations is a magazine for lovers of poetry and erotic short stories. This 24 hour bar offers spirits and hard liquor for the novice and professional alike. Whether you pull and sip on your nectar nice and slow or take your shot straight to the head, we've got you. The goal and direction of this magazine is to deliver and encourage uncensored verbal exchange. We encourage reader feedback and participation. Come on kiss the gun! Mehr anzeigen
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