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Geek Syndicate

Issue 4

Veröffentlicht am in "Andere, Fernsehen", Sprache — English. 170 Seiten.
Interviews with Bryan Talbot, The Cancertown 2 creative team, Thought Bubble and more A look at Digital Piracy in comics with Mark Waid, Rob Guillory, Scott Wegener, Joey Esposito, Jim Zubkavich, Robert Venditti and Charles Joy. Special Autumn of Indie feature (including a preview of Thought Bubble 2012). GS takes you to the Destination Star Trek Convention. Reviews of Skyfall, Grandville: Bete Noir, Cancertown 2, Agent of the Empire, The Victories,Age of the Geek, The House of Rumour & more Mehr anzeigen
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