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Healing and Hypnotherapy

Volume 5, Issue -10, 1 April 2021

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Lexi Hikari : Why you need to do a Tarot Deck Interview. Alisa Frank : Could Hypnotherapy save your relationship? Brennean Smith: Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis Mark Tyrell : The Hypnotic Art of Confusion. Chris Geier : Yips and Hypnotherapy. Varshaa Dwivedi : Year 2021 and its impact on various birthdates. Tarot of the month - April 2021 All issues on one page to click and go Mehr anzeigen
Its an idea to take healing through Hypnotherapy to the larger Audience and to create exchange of ideas through it amongst the fellow Hypnotherapists and healers. It dwells on the aspect of healing in mind and emotional realms which eventually helps in physical realm. and it delves deeper into the subconscious of human mind to understand its possibilities, probabilities. Mehr anzeigen

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