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Hooked Up Designs Magazine

May/June 2017

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As summer's warmth seeps in, it's hard not to imagine yourself slipping away to some far off location for a little rest and relaxation. And if you're a diehard fisher, that place better have something swimming near it that bites. This issue's aim is to help you narrow down your choices. From Panama to Arkansas, we hope you'll consider them all. Mehr anzeigen
We’ve got another great one for you folks. In fact, it’s our fattest issue to date! Not just because we have a bevy of eager anglers who are always anxious to share their knowledge, but because this is our inaugural boat review issue and we kept finding more and more awesome boats to show you. We really think you’re going to love this issue - especially those of you who are itching to buy a new boat. Mehr anzeigen
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