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iHerp Australia

Issue 1

Veröffentlicht am in "Hobbys", Sprache — English. 54 Seiten.
Back from the Brink: Fleay’s Barred Frog (Mixophyes fleayi). Breeding Tasmanian Blotched Blue-tongues. On the trail of Illegal Immigrants. Native vs exotic Green Tree Pythons. Nature extinguished by the push for a healthy bottom line! (the ‘biggest protected wildlife seizure anywhere in Australia’). What’s New? Ben’s Reptiles 101: Getting Started. A Breed Apart (amazing Australian herps). In Print & What’s New. Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to iHerp Australia, the new Australian-based, digital, interactive magazine for anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians. Our philosophy is simple. We will bring you the most up-to-date material from the best authors and photographers. We aim to include something for everyone, and the content of each issue will be carefully balanced to ensure that all of our readers can derive something useful, thought provoking, or of interest. Mehr anzeigen
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