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I'm Image magazine

November 2012

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie", Sprache — English. 90 Seiten.
The international flavor of I’m image magazine is in direct relationship with the subjects it deals with. Inspiration, an essential part of the creating process is the very reason for this magazine existence. Each of the cultures that live around the world brings us a different view about images. Mehr anzeigen
I’m Image Magazine is a magazine that is born from the need to create and share images and ideas on fashion, style, photography, design, art, beauty and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you create your style, find ideas and most importantly to inspire. I’m Image Magazine offers its pages to stimulate your imagination. It is a reference for talented artist to find ideas as well as show the world their view and their work. I’M Image Magazine displays images from artist located all over the world, Mehr anzeigen
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