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India Today

6th March 2017

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With India growing as a self-sufficient space power, the cover story, Unmade in India, looks at the country’s dependence on imported arms and how it has landed the world’s third largest armed forces in a fix. Talking about the defense budget for 2017, the story looks at the challenges India's armed forces are facing with about 60 per cent of the military hardware being imported making India the world's largest arms importer. Mehr anzeigen
India Today is the leading news magazine and most widely read publication in India. The magazine’s leadership is unquestioned, so much so that India Today is what Indian journalism is judged by, for its integrity and ability to bring unbiased and incisive perspective to arguably the most dynamic, yet perplexing, region in the world. Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India’s leading multidimensional media group. Mehr anzeigen
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