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Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie, Fotografie", Sprache — English. 196 Seiten.
Over 190 pages of pure inspiration! • Rebecca Millen - Requiem - Exposing humanity’s Achilles heel • Justin Peters - Masterful manipulation of fantasy through surrealist expression • @pr0ject_uno Maroon 5 Winners Contest • Ian Ross Pettigrew SALTYGIRLS - Changing the face of cystic fibrosis through photography • June Burke Unstoppable creativity that even cancer could not quell Mehr anzeigen
INSPADES Magazine The Creative Thinker's Magazine. An open window to the talented people of the world. Whatever your art, whatever your craft, be it dance, photography, modelling, poetry, cinematography, extreme photo editing or something yet to be imagined, whatever you do, Do It #InSpades. Submit your art for a chance to be featured on INSPADES Magazine at Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @inspadesmag @pr0ject_uno @creativespades Mehr anzeigen
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