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Enjoy a FREE 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION. Paste this eCoupon Code XTVBLA3LJXIL and become part of INSPADES community . Jessica Wikström A photographer was about to call it quits, when a bearded man changed everything Benjamin Von Wong - Shedding a glamorous light o María Tudela Bermúdez - We present to you, the beautifully “imperfect” photographs of María Tudela Bermúdez Boby Atmajaya - Java artist produces “extinction level” artworks Mike Kukucska - Photographer makes his first contact Mehr anzeigen
INSPADES Magazine The Creative Thinker's Magazine. An open window to the talented people of the world. Whatever your art, whatever your craft, be it dance, photography, modelling, poetry, cinematography, extreme photo editing or something yet to be imagined, whatever you do, Do It #InSpades. Submit your art for a chance to be featured on INSPADES Magazine at Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @inspadesmag @pr0ject_uno @creativespades Mehr anzeigen
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