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JAPAN and the WORLD Magazine

JULY ISSUE 2015 #Issue 12

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The July issue of JAPAN and the WORLD magazine will take a hard look at one of Africa’s greatest riches―its natural resources. What opportunities are ahead for the continent’s vast resource for gold, diamonds, and oil, to name a few? Sometimes called Africa’s “resource curse,” how can the continent reap the benefits of its natural riches while avoiding the pitfalls? We will put these questions to some of Africa’s leading private and public sector players. Mehr anzeigen
JAPAN and the WORLD’s aim is to highlight recent economic developments, investment projects, trade and tourism opportunities, as well as social and cultural events in Japan and Japan-partnered countries around the world. Focusing on bilateral issues that exist between nations, the publication’s goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding, diversity and produce analysis of socio-economic issues around the world. Mehr anzeigen
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