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Juggling Magazine

september 2015, n.68

Veröffentlicht am in "Andere, Andere", Sprache — Italian. 40 Seiten.
European Juggling Convention (brunico IT); Mirabilia Festival (CN); Circonferences J.M. Guy; Funambolika festival (PE), Traces; XV Teatro a Corte (TO): Capillotractees, Gandini Juggling; Sul Filo del Circo festival (TO); Perplx (BE): Cia EA EO, Circus Ronaldo; progetto Quinta Parete; Kilowatt Festival (AR); Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (FR); Valdemone festival (PA); Open Circus Lab (PZ); Il Drago Bianco; UNIOEC 2015; Kaleidos (CN); Il Ruggito delle Pulci (CN); CirSchool progetto europeo (PG); Mehr anzeigen
Juggling Magazine, produced by Ass. Gicocolieri e Dintorni, has been promoting contemporary circus art and street art in Italy and internationally for 15 years. Part of a wider Media Project it is still the only project of its kind in Italy, and one of the few in the world. Together with the JM paper magazine we publish JM digital interactive magazine, jugglingmagazine.it, JM youtube channel, JM monthly newsletter, JM facebook page Mehr anzeigen

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