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Kindi's Journey

Kindi's Journey: Week 14

Veröffentlicht am in "Natur, Familie & Erziehung", Sprache — English. 12 Seiten.
Infant gorilla Kindi is scooting, moving and trying some new foods. This issue also contains health tips from Baptist Health, conservation insights and select family photos. Mehr anzeigen
Follow Gorilla infant Kindi on her journey at the Louisville Zoo. Every two weeks, we will chronicle her milestones and adventures. Along the way, we'll share conservation stories about gorillas in the remnant wild and ways you can help them. Join the journey by sharing your family photos at the Zoo, submitted through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter via #kindisjourney. We’ll choose our favorites to include in Kindi’s scrapbook along with some great health tips for your family from Baptist Health. Mehr anzeigen

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