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The combination of podcast about food and the recipes written so you can follow them makes for a powerful combination. Kitchen Newbie was started to encourage new cooks, and our podcast has listeners all around the world. This issue contains 15 recipes from Chicken Ramen to Sticky Toffee Pudding so why not subscribe? You can also load up our podcasts into your favourite podcast player! Mehr anzeigen
The Recipe for the Day podcast from Kitchen Newbie. This is a series of recipes which combine our daily podcasts with the written recipes so you can reproduce them easily in your kitchen. Have a listen, have a read and get cooking! In this issue there are 15 recipes, future issues will be somewhat larger. So why not subscribe to our little magazine - and you can load our podcasts onto your favourite podcast player and never miss a recipe. Listen in the car, the kitchen, anywhere! Mehr anzeigen
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