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Issue 2

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Here it is!...the eagerly anticipated Issue 2 of KNITmuch Magazine! In this issue you'll find 9 knitting projects, 14 knitting tutorials, 5 stitches to spice up your knitting like how to use twisted stitches, wrapped stitches, and how to make the eyelash stitch. You'll also find that practicing patterns in a swatch is a great way to learn stitch patterns that can be applied to other knitting projects. There is a lot more within the pages of this fun and informative issue, explore it, enjoy it. Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to KNITmuch! YES, it’s an AWESOME knitting blog, but wait!…it’s also a weekly bulletin, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly e-magazine focused on the love and art of making beautiful knits. Best of all, it’s ALL FREE from the publishers of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine and the quilting blog counterpart, QUILTsocial. Mehr anzeigen
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