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Law of Attraction Magazine

August, 2015 Issue

Veröffentlicht am in "Lifestyle, Religion & Spiritualität", Sprache — English. 56 Seiten.
Its all about the Science Behind the Law of Attraction with Dr. Bruce Lipton talking about the Creating Heaven on Earth. Dr. Srini Pillay writes about the validity of the Law of Attraction. We also are introducing Uwe Albrecht, M.D., from Germany, who is introducing a new Healing Technique that is drug free. We have great articles on the deception by Western Medicine and A Body Clock Chart that will tell you what is working overtime in your body when you can't sleep. Enjoy! Mehr anzeigen
WE are all shifting into realizing that we write the story of our lives. We are not victims. We know that its our thoughts that create our reality. As Albert Einstein wrote: There is two ways to view life: One is that there are no miracles and the other is that EVERYTHING that happens is a miracle. We think we know the way that will give us more wonderful and rich experiences by thinking that everything is working for our highest good. Join us to create the life you want! Mehr anzeigen
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