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Limited Edition

Issue 3

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In this issue you will find the highlights of the Surrey Sculpture Society's exhibition at the Landmark Art Centre in Teddington, including reports on the Education Day, Surrey Sculpture Society Prize and sculpture galleries. There is also a special feature on the Philippine visual artist, Toym Imao, as well as spotlight on a couple of our members: Daren Greenhow and Stavros Kotsireas. Mehr anzeigen
Limited Edition is the in-house magazine of the Surrey Sculpture Society. Written and edited by members, it seeks to inform and educate in the art and techniques of sculpture. Content includes SSS exhibition reports, special features on individual sculptors, the “Understanding Sculpture” programme, videos, as well as animated and static information. Readers will gain artistic and technical insight into the world of sculpture which has inspired and cultivated civilisations throughout history. Mehr anzeigen
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