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Living Life 365

Summer 2015

Veröffentlicht am in "Gesundheit & Fitness, Gesundheit & Fitness", Sprache — English. 30 Seiten.
Inside this issue: More recipes, workouts & beauty secrets revealed & designed just for you. Plenty of great reads to keep you moving and motivated like; Do's & Don'ts - Gym Etiquette and How to Create your very own in home gym. Every issue offers feedback from the amHLCo TRIBE with fun interaction via our social media sites along with our top 10 influencers in social media. Grab a comfy spot and turn off your phone...this is YOU TIME! Mehr anzeigen
Coach Alena is making healthy happen via social media, her app, videos and now a magazine! With education & science based exercise, nutrition and behavior tools for your success from a consortium of educated specialists in their field, you can read with certainty that the information is from a trusted source. How much easier can taking care of yourself get? This magazine is available anytime and anywhere. Mehr anzeigen

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