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Luxe Beat Magazine

JULY 2015

Veröffentlicht am in "Luxus, Luxus", Sprache — English. 110 Seiten.
GLOBAL LUXURY is the focus of the July 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. Summer is here so what better way to celebrate than with a tour around the world! From Minora’s St. John’s festival, to going local in Tel Aviv, or listening to jazz in Havana, Cuba, our writers share some incredible experiences with our readers. Mehr anzeigen
Luxe Beat Magazine the premiere resource for all things luxury. With content provided by a consortium of the most esteemed and talented writers in the luxury and travel industry, Luxe Beat offers an uncommon perspective. Exceeding Expectations with Extraordinary Luxury. If you haven't heard of Luxe're not on the right list. Mehr anzeigen
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