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Made It Myself

Volume 1 Issue 1 - ARVO

Veröffentlicht am in "Andere, Design", Sprache — English. 34 Seiten.
The very first issue of Made It Myself - MIM magazine - is devoted to all things Arvo, or afternoon in Aussie speak. We cover a range of things from post-lunch slumps spent staring at your work desk to that magical golden hour before the sun sets. Whether you are in the northern hemisphere basking in the warm early summer sun, or in the southern hemisphere taking afternoon walks under autumn foliage, we're sure you'll enjoy this issue a pick up a thing or two. Mehr anzeigen
Made It Myself Magazine or MIM Magazine is a monthly free colour piece magazine which focuses on the creative aspects of everyday cosmopolitanism based on the core principles of well-being and quality life. Content evolves around learning more about Sydney, presented side by side with cities in other countries. We cover topics in culture, leisure, gastronomy, style, and present these lifestyle interests in inspiring creative ways. Mehr anzeigen

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