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Mag Blog Radio Expressions

Volume 1 Issue 4

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Cover Story: Monroe Martin. Dr. Manning’s Corner: Permanency and the Importance of Talking about Relationships Guest Blog: The Importance of Art by Justin Mainhart Photo Art Feature: M & M Bü'low Writings from Foster Care by Precious Jewel Rooks Recipe: Italian Heritage by Connie Ruel Mehr anzeigen
This magazine features Bert Baron as he helps us recap our first year and look forward to 2015. During this issues corresponding episode, we will talk about the importance of Goal Setting and talk about our goals for the upcoming year. Our guests will include: Sara Brooke, Dr. Greg Manning, Jamole Callahan, and Juice Cannon. Richard Sirgiovanni will also be on hand to discuss his creation, The Grimps The show airs on Sunday, January 4th @ 7PM EST on Mehr anzeigen

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