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Issue 01

Veröffentlicht am in "Business, Business", Sprache — English. 51 Seiten.
5 Traits of a Great Leader, The 4 Biggest Lies Every Entrepreneur is Told During Start Up, Driving Results Through Performance Management, Interview: With Dan Shinder - CEO of Drum Talk TV, The Art of Accountability, Business Resources, Your Game Plan to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself, More Than Admiring Startups, Behave Like One, 5 Tips for Staying Efficient Throughout The Day, Videos - Entrepreneurship & Startups, Featured Podcast: The Millennial Entrepreneur Mehr anzeigen
With our Magazine we look to give our users a new business experience. A culmination of articles and videos in an interactive medium that focus on topics that are not only relevant in business today, but can help the reader grow their skills and abilities in their organization. We focus on Entrepreneurship, Startups, Founders, Investors, Leadership, Management, and Performance just to name a few. Join readers from all over the world and discover why they enjoy Manager Mint Magazine. Mehr anzeigen

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