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March 2018 Week 3: Oxen


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Today's devotional is my personal testimony on the Ox in my life and who has been in my life for nearly 28 years!! I would not trade him for anyone else in the world. He is the reason I am all that I am and all that I will ever be in the Kingdom of God. God has truly smiled on Angela Bolin and He will do the same for YOU! Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to Christ's Kingdom Livestock Week 3! On this week we will analyze the importance of the Ox. The Apostle Paul used this particular livestock to make a point about the value of the Leaders within the Body of Christ. The opinion of people about God appointed leaders will lead many souls to eternal separation from Christ our King but on this week I pray eyes be opened, minds transformed and hearts desire the GiFTS from God. Mehr anzeigen

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