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Marketing Profiles 2018

Alvin Lartigue _ Marketing Presentation

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lvin earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Puerto Rico. His experience in the financial industry makes him an expert who understands the value of money and can guide clients in the right direction. Thanks to a childhood friend from the yachting industry, Alvin eventually was able to find a way to make his dream come true and become a yacht broker. His personality, optimism, and knowledge make him the perfect person to help clients satisfy their needs in all aspects. Mehr anzeigen
Alex has played an important role in helping expand the company by establishing the Denison Yacht Charter Division, Mexico office, and Superyacht Division within the company with representation in Hong Kong, Monaco & the South of France. Pushing for growth in the 24m+ megayacht segment of the market, Alex has created numerous corporate partnerships throughout luxury markets that will prove to be extremely important as Denison continues its growth in both international & emerging markets. Mehr anzeigen

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