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MIPJ 2012

Veröffentlicht am in "Gesellschaft & Soziales", Sprache — English. 188 Seiten.
The first print / digital edition of the International Journal of Media and Information Policy (MIPJ), distributed internationally by Ingram, in June 2012. 2012 MIPJ Inaugural Edition: Co-Editor and Photo Editor for VII for the Inaugural edition: Gary Knight, VII Co-Founder/Photographer, 2010 Nieman Fellow and Founder/Director of the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice at Tufts University. Cover image: photo from the Horn of Africa by Lynsey Addario. Mehr anzeigen
Nexus of Media, Information, International Relations and Humanitarian Affairs. Print/Digital/Multimedia editions. Further information: http://www.mipj.org Mehr anzeigen