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Modern Model

Sept 2014

Veröffentlicht am in "Mode, Beauty", Sprache — English. 52 Seiten.
Cover Model Meghan Coombs graces the cover; Model Charlie Hughes looks towards a bright future; BTWE shares The Reading Project; Author RJ Onyx Moonshadow shares his wisdom; Featured Models Rosie Sizer, Dena Stone, Kennedy Balenda, Hannah Davis, Chantel Bacon, Roxie Croft, Sinthia Stark, Brooklyn Sky, Katelyn Lauber, Holly Keene, Morgan Malanca, Cheryl Wayne and Allie Phifer. Mehr anzeigen
A monthly magazine focusing on issues related to modeling and photography. Our monthly edition is filled with the latest fashions and trends, and helpful modeling tips! Mehr anzeigen
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Tags: fashion · beauty · modeling · model · blonde · meghan · coombs

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