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Modern Tango World

N° 7 (Havana, Caribbean)

Veröffentlicht am in "Musik", Sprache — English. 52 Seiten.
Caribbean Special Features Tango in the Crystal Isles Percell St. Thomas & Raymond Lauzzana 03 Tango Cubano Maria Roumpalou 08 Tango on the Costa Caribe Raymond Lauzzana 12 Cruising the Caribe Percell St. Thomass 14 Guide to Tango in the Caribbean 18 Cuba’s Special Painter Pedro Álvarez Castelló 24 Interview with Martin Delgado Marco Buso 28 Top Ten Ways to Get Asked to Dance Karen Kaye 32 100 Years of Recorded Tango Raymond Lauzzana 34 New Tango Music Arnd Mehr anzeigen
Modern Tango World is the only English language international tango magazine in the world - a cross-platform magazine delivered both in print and on-line. Mehr anzeigen

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