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Montana Woods N Water

August 2016 Print Edition

Veröffentlicht am in "Jagen & Fischen, Outdoor", Sprache — English. 32 Seiten.
The August issue is packed with great reads and pictures. Nathan addresses unreasonable expectations this hunting season. Pictures and results from the halfway House Bar and Grill Fishing Derby. Paul Fielder addresses the I-177 ban on trapping initiative here in Montana. Montana Woods N Water is giving away a handmade and engraved logged bed. Guest writer Judy Woolley talks about Green Decoy groups. Montana Dan tells the story of his Tuna fishing trip. Pastor Jim talks knowledge vs. wisdom Mehr anzeigen
Montana Woods N Water is a monthly monthly digital and print publication geared towards the Montana sportsmen and NW Montana lifestyle..."Living The Dream!". Mehr anzeigen
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