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News from Indonesia

July 2017

Veröffentlicht am in "Allgemein, Welt", Sprache — English. 8 Seiten.
Indonesia Raised to Investment Grade S&P on Budget Curbs. Page 1 Featured Commodities. Page 2 Mandalika: World’s Best Halal Tourism. Page 3 Infographics: Basic Stats. Page 4 Bali: World’s Best Resort Island. Page 5 Do I Need Visa to Indonesia? Page 6 Mehr anzeigen
This premier edition marks the beginning of a revamped bulletin that covers not only trade and investment matters but also socio-cultural news about Indonesia. Thus, the name of the bulletin is News from Indonesia. This bulletin aims to promote a greater understanding about Indonesia as well as to serve as a catalyst for successful interaction and cooperation from the US -Midwest area to Indonesia, especially in the trade, tourism and investment sector. Mehr anzeigen
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