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Our Valley Santa Clarita

July/August 2017

Veröffentlicht am in "Völker & Kultur, Kunst", Sprache — English. 30 Seiten.
Latinos take a trip to THUMS Islands in Long Beach and learn about America's energy production. A Santa Clarita Jewish couple visit The Holy Land an share their photos with us. Our Difference Maker this issue is Meaku a hot African-American music artist. And our Artist this issue is Aixa DeLuca who exhibits her work for us. It's our summer issue. Enjoy it! Mehr anzeigen
Our Valley Santa Clarita is a monthly magazine of the Santa Clarita Valley. Rich in history and dynamic in growth, Santa Clarita is a center of entertainment, commerce and technology in Los Angeles County. Our Valley Santa Clarita tells the story of the amazing people who live and work there and what makes them and Santa Clarita so special. Mehr anzeigen

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