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Peace & Stability Journal

Volume 8, Issue 1

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1. AUSA/PKSOI Annual Panel Discussion, AFRICOM: 10 Years in the Making as a Model for Stability 2. Adopting Anti-Terrorism Measures: Experiences And Lessons In Africa 3. The Importance of Controlling and Preserving Cultural Heritage Sites in Complex Operations 4. Supporting the Peace – U.S. Contributions to Peacekeeping Operations 5. Strategic Blind Spot: The Navy’s Stability Gap in the Littorals of Vietnam 6. Book Review on Nadia Schadlow’s “War and the Art of Governance” Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to the PKSOI Peace and Stability Journal. If you would like to contribute an article related to Peacekeeping and Stability Operations please click on the e-mail link located in the journal or visit the PKSOI website at Mehr anzeigen

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