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PicsArt Monthly

November Issue 2013

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie, Kunst", Sprache — English. 68 Seiten.
PicsArt Monthly seeks to inspire and aid those who quest to becoming greater artists by offering a balance of great art, interesting articles, and awesome tutorials. This month’s edition features Lou Jones’ article Why Take Photographs, Thanksgiving Photography Tips & Tricks, a look at what’s possible with PicsArt Photo Studio, interview with Surreal Photographer Frank Herfort, and so much more! Mehr anzeigen
PicsArt Monthly is a monthly photography and art magazine published by PicsArt Photo Studio, the photo editing and drawing app and art-based social network. The magazine features artwork and artists from PicsArt social network, provides step by step tutorials on photography, photo editing and drawing, conducts interviews with famous photographers, and shares tips on travel photography and DIY design items. Mehr anzeigen

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