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October/Novemeber 2014

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We follow the creation of a pair of handmade, custom shoes from almost the very beginning to the end. We chat with Daniel Dixon of Greylag, and local author Zak Plum. We examine the idea of a more connected electorate and we also check in with local jewelry makers and ask you, Portland, what are you listening to right now? Poppycock: 100% Portland. 100% nonsense. Mehr anzeigen
We are a rotating cast of contributors and writers dedicated to delivering the stories of Portland. From up and coming artists and musicians to emerging chefs or personal stories of struggle and triumph, Poppycock's writers get elbow deep in the stories about the people who call Portland their weird, weird home. You get what you pay for with Poppycock: Stories about Portlanders. We are 100% ad-free and 100% Portland. Mehr anzeigen
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Tags: music · interview · shoes · book · custom · bands · recommendations · exit · greylag

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