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Popular Culture Review

Volume 30, Number 1, Winter 2019

Veröffentlicht am in "Gesellschaft & Soziales", Sprache — English. 273 Seiten.
As I write this latest “From the Editor’s Desk, I am struck once more with the power of popular culture to influence all of our lives. From the media we consume all day, every day, to the public figures who dominate our lives, even the most reclusive of us find ourselves exposed to and dominated by popular and celebrity culture. Public affairs have gone beyond satire, and comedy skits often seem tamer than events in the news. “You couldn’t make this stuff up,” as I am fond of saying. Mehr anzeigen
PCR is the refereed journal of the Far West Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, sponsored by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is published twice a year. Members of the FWPCA/FWACA receive each issue in print as part of their membership. Mehr anzeigen

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