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Rea's Annual Report

FOR WEB - Disruption 2018 web

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The word "disruption" has risen to the top of our buzzword business vernacular. Businesses are facing massive changes stemming from advancements in technology, the retirement of an entire generation, the advancement of an entirely new generation and a job market that favors the job seeker, which increases competition among companies to seek out and recruit top talent. Discover what we have done to embrace these challenges and how we plan to move our accounting & business consulting firm forward. Mehr anzeigen
The Rea & Associates annual report is release every year during the month of January. This publication highlights events that occur over the course of the firm's fiscal year, which begins November 1, and ends October 31. Rea & Associates is an accounting and business consulting firm with offices throughout Ohio. To learn more about Rea & Associates, visit Mehr anzeigen

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