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Seminar Now GO!


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Seminar Now GO! was an international Seminar which collected 6 European country NGOs - Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece and Poland to discuss youth participation in the local society through NGOs work. The Seminar was granted by Erasmus+ Programme. Mehr anzeigen
Now GO! was a 5 days Seminar granted by Erasmus+, which explored how to include and emower young people through organisational work. Partners of the project: Poland (Arena i Swiat) - (Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Twórczej) Italy: (ENNEA) - (CEIPES) Spain: (Eurodynamis) - (Ticket2Europe): Portugal: (All Humans) - (IAFA) Greece: (Hellenic) - (Votsis) Romania: (COSI) - (GEYC) Mehr anzeigen