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SLAS Times 2018/2019

Winter 2019

Veröffentlicht am in "Kinder", Sprache — English. 50 Seiten.
6. The New and Improved Wi-Fi Network at SLAS By Anthony Yates 7. The Unforgettable Legacy of Stan Lee By Drabya Rana 8. SLAS Promotes Creativity in the Fine Arts Program By Aileen Kang 10. The Winter Concert (8/12/18) Photos by Robert van West 16. What Do Students Pack For Lunch? by Andrew Park 17. The 60-Hour Academic Week by Eric Park 18. Feeling Like A Stranger In Your Own Land by Kei Taichi 19. Winter Is The Season For Christmas Movies by Drabya Rana 20. New Teacher Focus: Miss Mayela by Ma Mehr anzeigen
The SLAS Times is a quarterly magazine written by and for students at Shanghai Livingston Elementary School. Mehr anzeigen
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