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Spirit Talk & The Professional Medium

Issue 3

Veröffentlicht am in "Religion & Spiritualität", Sprache — English. 44 Seiten.
This issue we look at dreams and whether they are messages or just our subconscious. Andrea King has a rant about weddings and babies and we tell a terrifying and true story about the consequences of using a ouija board. The Professional Medium talks about platform work and how not to be boring as well as caring for your clients spiritual well-being during divination reading! Enjoy! Mehr anzeigen
Spirit Talk and The Professional Medium delivers something different; something more readable, more real and in a user friendly format that will show the world we are all spiritual people even if we aren’t a practitioners in the metaphysical arts. Real people, real stories and experiences, real photographs and videos! Submit your own material and show the world we are all part of an amazing universe walking with spirit and the paranormal. Mehr anzeigen
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