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The Cone

Issue #11 - 2017 (A)

Veröffentlicht am in "Fotografie, Allgemein", Sprache — English. 64 Seiten.
"Change" is the theme of this issue of The Cone. Originally to mark the fact that 2017 marks the year The Cone will be published 3 times in a year instead of quarterly. Little did we know the theme would be important for the country as a whole. In this issue we explore different forms of change, we have poetry, fashion, more amazing photography, food, and the engaging articles you've come to expect from The Cone. Mehr anzeigen
The Cone is a lifestyle art magazine that explores culture, food, photography, books and various other creative forms. Our goal is to take our readers on a journey of discovery - collecting elements to design a creative, conscious and unique lifestyle. Mehr anzeigen
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