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Edition 41

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Interview With Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician Dr Madhuri Agarwal Taken By Pitanjal Datta, Interview With Make Up Artist Chandini Mohindra Taken By Pitanjal Datta, Interview With Food Blogger of Indfused, Recipe Developer & Writer Sandhya Rege Nadkarni Taken By Pitanjal Datta, Articles on Things to do in Summer, Gadget Review,Travel Diaries and holiday packages of Blissful Nepal written by Pitanjal. Fitness Inspiration and motivation from Sushmita Sen.This Edition has got all the elements th Mehr anzeigen
"The Fashion Identity"​ is a FREE online LIFESTYLE e-magazine and web portal. Your one stop destination for all your LIFESTYLE inspiration and information and queries. From the world of FILMS to FASHION to FITNESS, FOOD ,TRAVEL, BEAUTY and all topics that you can ever think of in your LIFESTYLE is covered in our e-magazine and Youtube shows. Mehr anzeigen
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