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The Indie Game Magazine

September 2015 | Issue 53

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IGM reaches for the stars this month with our in-depth look at Zeboyd Games' Cosmic Star Heroine. Join us on a mission of intergalactic espionage, filled with conspiracy, betrayal, and unexpected allies. Then, we put the indie pedal to the indie metal with Super Indie Karts. Formerly known as Super World Karts, SIK is the ultimate indie crossover, featuring playable racers and themed tracks from some of the indie industry's most popular games. Plus, the return of Ultima! Mehr anzeigen
Indie Game Magazine is the original source for news, previews, reviews, and exclusive features showcasing the independent video game community. Our staff is dedicating to shining a spotlight on the noteworthy games and studios that don’t get the coverage they deserve anywhere else. From in-depth interviews to first-look previews, you can count on Indie Game Magazine to deliver an entertaining look at the latest and greatest independent games. Subscribe today, and help support the indie scene! Mehr anzeigen
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