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The Pit Unsigned

November 2013

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Model Spotlight - Ashley McIntyre Photography Spotlight - Paul Jones Photography Centerfold - Barbara Fleuret Band Interview - Kurgan Model Liz Peavy Band Of The Week Winners - Kurgan - Monstrok - Tidalwave - I,Echelon Mehr anzeigen
The goal here at The Pit Unsigned is to help grow the fanbase of so many talented Unsigned Rock and Metal Bands around us.Alot of the bands are doing well on there own,but if we can continue to help all Unsigned Bands spread the word about their music,the fanbase will grow.I want to have a site were you can watch these great bands videos,hear about new music they are working on,where their concerts will be,where to buy there merch,buy albums and just support the music they have worked hard on. Mehr anzeigen
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