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The Saber and Scroll Journal

Volume 6, Issue 3, Fall 2017

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Hi, everyone. The Journal Team put together the Fall issue with a focus on WWI. This, to mark the centennial of America’s entry into that war. As such, Tormod B. Engvig provides an in-depth study into the Battle of Jutland from the German perspective in “Not to Lose the War in an Afternoon: the Battle of Jutland in German Context.” Roger Greezicki discusses the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and the Washington Treaty on the Royal Navy in “Back me or Sack Me.” Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to the summer issue of the Saber and Scroll! We are excited that we are now a part of the Policy Studies Organization’s Open Access Journal program. For 7 years, the Saber and Scroll Journal was under the auspices of the Saber and Scroll History Society at the American Public University System. That changed in April of this year when the journal was moved to be the official journal of the American Public University’s Historical Studies Honor Society. Mehr anzeigen

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