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The Soultown!

Volume III: Issue 7 JULY 2019

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Hello, Beautiful Readers of The Soultown! July is a wonderful month, right in the midst of the summer, enjoying the bright sunshine, and attending family reunions. This month, The Soultown Digital & Print Magazine will be distributed internationally. The collaboration with The Clubhouse Network will allow readers to learn about the 22 other countries that are uniquely and creatively teaching youth technology -- via afterschool programming. Our first feature is Kahmal London from Boston, Mass! Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to The Soultown Digi & Print Mag. We believe in Ujima, which means to work in a cooperative manner to strengthen our families, understanding that the well-being of our families is connected to the well-being of our neighborhoods. Enjoy! Get your subscription now! Email us at! Subscribe to The Soultown / Send payment to: THE SOULTOWN c/o KABBA KREATIONS • P.O. BOX 444 • WATERLOO, IA • 50704 319-505-4020 • Mehr anzeigen

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